Big Apple & Shim Sham - Performance Skills

Tue 01 Jun 2021

Big Apple & Shim Sham - Performance Skills

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A course designed to help you dance through the whole of the Big Apple from beginning to end with confidence!

Get more out of your Big Apple than ever before, see friends, and have fun all at the same time. How can you do it? By signing up for the new course starting 1 June!

Imagine being able to dance through a whole routine from beginning to end with confidence, style, and flair like never before. Not only that, but because you’ll get advanced techniques from Joo-Lee & Andy, you will feel more natural and relaxed. By the end of this course, you’ll find that your dancing is more dynamic, expressive, and creative than you could ever imagine.

There’ll be no more over-thinking, stiff movements, or feeling like you just need to sit any of this out. Instead, you’ll be to have fun and improvise no matter where the music takes you.

Is this really possible?

Yes, this is possible with a few ‘ifs’……

1.     If you show up every week or catch up by dancing along to the recorded lessons every week

2.    If you practise for 5 minutes every day or at least 30 minutes a week

3.    If you follow our recommended practice techniques

4.    If you ask questions

5.    If you record & watch yourself at least once a week

Here’s What You Get:

·      Get warmed up and ready with the Shim Sham as you start sprinkling in variations and building your improv skills

·      Polish the Big Apple and start embracing the new confidence and freedom you now have

·      Enjoy Andy’s Music Talk and see how easy it is to dance with more musical understanding with a little push in the right direction

·      Have fun with an engaging quiz and makes dancing to new swing tracks easier than ever before 

Who is this course suitable for?

·      If you have current experience of the Big Apple but your memory of some of the moves or some of the sections are a bit inconsistent, this course is designed for you.

·      If you want to find out how your skills developed through the Shim Sham & Big Apple can be used for social dancing and improvising, this course is designed for you.

·      If you want to take the guess work out of dancing to swing music so that you can social dance with confidence when there are irregular patterns in the music such as breaks, solos, bridges, intros, endings, instrumentals and general ‘twiddly’ bits, this course is designed for you.