Social Dance for Beginners - Wednesdays

Wed 03 Nov 2021

Social Dance for Beginners - Wednesdays

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If you want to enjoy social dancing and build the confidence to dance with anyone to any music then join us from 19:30 -20:15 for the Social Dance Skills session

Our new courses starting 3 November will focus on building the skills for Social Dance. These 6-week courses will give you the skills to enjoy social dance events through

·   Mastering your own movement

·   Developing your dance vocabulary

·   Introducing you to leading and following skills

Wednesday classes will be at St Aidan's Church Hall DH1 5BL

Tuesday classes will be on Zoom (see separate event booking details)

The most effective ways to hone your partner dancing skills are:

Mastering your own movement

If you’re not in control of your own movement and coordination, this affects your dance partner.

Developing your dance vocabulary

This means learning a few moves BEFORE you partner up. That way, you’ll have the confidence to dance with other dancers when social dancing is back again.

Developing your leading and following skills

If you have a partner, you can dance with them "in hold", as we all did before the pandemic. If you don’t have a partner, this can be done with ‘shadow dancing,’ where no physical contact is needed.

Do you want to be confident with all of this and more?

Get yourself into the swing of things for the social dancing come back with our next course which starts 3 November.

Here’s What You Get During the Classes:

·   Get warmed up and ready with a few simple steps

·   Learn the secrets of making dancing look easy and relaxed

  • Learn how to feel the beat and enjoy dancing to swing music

Here’s What You Get In Between the Classes:

·   access to online dance tuition videos so you can watch and practise at your leisure

·   access to Andy’s Music Webinar so you can deepen your understanding of swing music and see how easy it is to dance with more musical understanding with a little push in the right direction

Who is this course suitable for?

·   If you have no experience of dancing or if you have not danced for a long time, this course is designed for you.

·   If you want to find out how to social dance this course is for you

·   If you want to take the guesswork out of dancing to swing music so that you can social dance with confidence, this course is designed for you.

Got a Question?

Do email if you have any questions. Here are some questions and answers which we hope you find helpful.

Qs 1 - Are your lessons going to be face to face?

Ans - The Wednesday classes are face to face at St Aidan's Church Hall, Durham DH1 5BL

Qs 2 - Do I have to bring a partner, or can I come as a solo dancer?

Ans - You can come on your own, come with friends or bring a partner

Qs 3 - Can you drop into classes or do you have to block book them?

Ans - The classes are designed to make a real difference to your skills and confidence in social dancing. Therefore, attending the classes as part of a progressive course will help you to enjoy the experience more.

Qs 4 - What happens if you miss a week?

Ans - The course gives you much more than an hour's class. In addition to step-by-step tuition each week, you will get access to videos of the lesson material so that you can practise in between the classes as well as catch up with any lessons you may miss. All course members will also be added to a Messenger group so that you can ask questions or get help with the moves you're practising. You can choose to get as much or as little as you want from this course.

Qs 5 - How many courses are being offered?

Ans - Two courses. Wednesday classes will be at St Aidan's Church Hall DH1 5BL

Tuesday classes will be on Zoom (see separate event booking details)

Qs 6 - What are the timings for the courses/ classes?

Ans - This is a 6-week course. Each week, the beginners' class starts at 19:30 and ends at 20:15. It is a 45-minute class. The experienced dancers' class is 75 minutes long and ends at 20:45.